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Here at Thornhill Memorials, we work closely with a number of cemeteries and crematoriums in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Our specialist team have expert knowledge of the Cardiff cemeteries and their rules and regulations, which allows us to provide expert advice in finding the right memorial for your chosen burial spot.

Find out more about some of the Cardiff cemeteries we work with below:  

Cathays Cemetery

Cathays Cemetery is the third largest cemetery in the UK, and offers a beautiful final resting place in the heart of Cardiff. It was opened 1859 but suffered a lot of damage during the Second World War. The cemetery was split into two sections in the 1970s and contains a selection of different memorial types.

Learn more about Cathays Cemetery.

Thornhill Memorials Blog Cardiff Cathays Cemetery

Llanishen Cemetery

Opened in June 1925, Llanishen cemetery is located in the north of Cardiff. The cemetery contains eight memorials for casualties from the Second World War. It is now closed for new interments and only allows the re-opening of existing graves.

Thornhill Memorials Blog Cardiff Llanishen Cemetery

Pantmawr Cemetery

Pantmawr Cemetery is located in the Whitchurch area of Cardiff, and is often referred to as Whitchurch Cemetery. It was opened in 1931 and underwent a large expansion in 2005 to meet the growing demand for burial space in Cardiff. There is an estimated 14 years of burial space left in the grounds.

Thornhill Memorials Black Granite Headstone

Thornhill Cemetery and Crematorium

One of the largest cemeteries in Wales, Thornhill Cemetery holds over 3000 cremations and 700 burials each year. It was extended in 2010 and is due to be extended further in 2021 to meet the demand for burial space. The crematorium occupies a 40-acre site within the cemetery grounds.

Learn more about Thornhill Cemetery.

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Northern Cemetery

The Northern Cemetery opened in north Cardiff in 2021. Beautifully landscaped, the cemetery offers burial and cremation options in a wonderful setting, as well as a natural burial area that will be managed to increase biodiversity within the site.

Learn more about Northern Cemetery.

Entrance sign at Northern Cemetery in north Cardiff

Western Cemetery

First opened in 1936, Western Cemetery is a major cemetery in Cardiff, South Wales. It includes many different areas for different grave types, including lawn memorials, cremated remains and traditional memorials for Muslim, Greek Orthodox and Jewish burials.

Learn more about Western Cemetery.

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For more information about any of the Cardiff cemeteries, please contact us today.


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