Rest assured your family memorial is in safe hands with us.


Memorial Insurance

Unfortunately damage to a memorial can occur through acts beyond our control, such as that of vandalism, extreme weather conditions and accidents. However, there at Thornhill Memorials, we offer a Memorial Insurance service to ensure that you are protected at all costs.

From prices starting as low as £5.60 a year, you never need to worry about your memorial again. We offer all of our customers StoneGuard’s “All Risks” cover which will protect and insure your family memorials, old and new.


  •  The STONEGUARD ® Memorial Stone Insurance is an “All Risks” policy.
  •  The policy covers includes damage from lawn mowers, falling trees and subsidence,
  •  The Policy also covers damage from preventative measures taken by local councils when they feel a memorial stone may be unsafe.
  •  Underwritten By Royal & Sunalliance
  •  Premiums based on value of memorial.


Please contact us to discuss any memorial insurance enquiries and find out more about our services.