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It’s probably fair to say that memorialisation is an important part of every culture across the world.

In fact, the practice of memorialisation in one form or another dates back tens of thousands of years.

The way in which we memorialise and honour the lives of those we have lost has changed, and so too have family preferences.

With a significant number of people now choosing cremation over traditional burial, it leaves many surviving family members wondering how they can best honour and remember the life of a departed loved one.

Wide Variety of Cremation Memorials

Just like headstones and gravestones for traditional burials, there is an incredible variety of cremation memorials available. There are also acts of kindness that you can do to help honour the memory of a loved one, as well as an array of things that may involve a little more thinking outside the box.

Below, we’ve listed 6 cremation memorial ideas that we would encourage anyone who’s looking to honour the life of a loved one to explore.

Furthermore, we also believe memorialisation can be a great aid in the grieving process.

1. Choose a Cremation Memorial

One of the most popular tributes is to choose a befitting cremation memorial or monument.

Cremation memorials are available in a wide range of stone materials, colours, and styles, with many bespoke options available to truly personalise the memorial, including the addition of personal inscriptions, engravings, fine etched designs, photo plaques etc.

The beauty of a permanent cremation memorial is that they offer a physical place for family and friends to visit while coping with grief during the months following their death, as well as for many years after.

Cremation memorials really do serve as a true reminder and tribute of one’s life for many generations to come.

Cremation Memorial Examples:

2. Scatter Ashes Somewhere Meaningful

Though the scattering of ashes is allowed practically anywhere in the UK, you will still need to obtain the landowner’s permission or confirm that it’s safe to do so with the Environment Agency.

With a little homework you will find somewhere that is sure to be suitable. Perhaps your lost loved one had a favourite place – say a coastline, park, or mountain trail.

Alternatively, a local cemetery may have specific areas where ashes can be peacefully scattered.

Wherever you choose to scatter the ashes, it provides an opportunity for close family members and friends to gather and pay tribute, while knowing that you’re laying your loved one to rest in a place that’s calm, meaningful and sentimental.

Uluwatu Temple at sunset in Bali, Indonesia, by photographer Shawn Eastman

Photography by Shawn Eastman

3. Sponsor a Memorial Bench

Following on from the scattering of ashes in a sentimental place idea, you could also consider looking into the possibility of sponsoring a bench in your loved one’s favourite park or at a location of somewhere they dearly enjoyed visiting.

Memorialising their memory in the form of a bench in a public place is a meaningful tribute that will always present you and others with a place to return time and again to relax and reflect.

You will need to forward your memorial bench enquiry to your local council to see what options are available to you in your area. Some councils even have commemorative schemes that provides an opportunity for you to dedicte a bench to your loved one within the local area, such as a public garden, national park or another outdoor attraction or place of interest.

If you were hoping to install a memorial bench at your local cemetery or churchyard, you will simiarly need to raise your enquiry with the person in charge of the grounds to see if permission is possible.

Green memorial bench with two bunches of flowers in a forest

4. Make a Charitable Donation in their Honour

Perhaps your loved one held a specific charitable cause close to their heart?

If so, raising funds to donate to that specific charity in their memory could be a fantastic way to honour their life while also helping others who need it.

Many people choose to set up annual events or participate in various challenges and activities to help raise donation funds that they can pass on to the charities. Participating in or hosting these types of events to fundraise for a cause that meant a lot to your departed loved one is a fantastic way to honour their legacy and make a change, no matter how small.

Young lady holding coins in her hands that have been donated to charity

5. Plant a Tree or Create a Memory Garden

If your lost loved one was fond of nature and the great outdoors, how about planting a tree in their honour?

A living tree will enable family and friends to feel the deceased’s presence as it slowly grows and fully blossoms over time.

If you have the available space at your property, you could even create a memory garden specifically dedicated to your loved one that’s full of colourful seasonal flowers and plants.

This would provide a wonderful place of remembrance that can constantly change or evolve while being surrounded by the natural environment.

A young girl watering a tree

6. Set Up an Online Memorial

Many people have friends and family that are located across the country and even abroad, so setting up an online memorial page to honour your loved one could be a fantastic way for everyone to connect.

This virtual space can allow people from all across the world to share their memories and photographs, so that you can all remember and appreciate the life of the deceased and offer strength to each other through your times of grief.

There are dedicated online memorial websites and social media platforms where you can create a dedicated memorial page, or for those who are tech-savvy you could even consider designing and hosting an entire website in their honour.

A memorial website can be especially useful for those who plan to carry out a lot of fundraising work for charities, as going forward, all information can be shared through the website.

Building an online memorial website

Here at Thornhill Memorials in the heart of Cardiff, we design and craft stunning memorials to help you honour your loved ones as you see fit. Choose from our wide range of styles or work with our memorial design team to create something truly bespoke. Browse our extensive collection of memorials today and don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak through your options with one of our compassionate family advisors.


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