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Here at Thornhill Memorials, we know the importance of selecting a memorial that will stand the test of time. We work with only the finest natural materials that will commemorate your lost loved one for years to come, and we offer a wide selection of quality granite memorials.  

Granite is a hugely popular choice for memorials, as it is more hardwearing than most other stones. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and retain its beauty for decades. This is why we offer a vast selection of granite memorials, to allow a departed loved one to be honoured for years to come.  

There are many benefits to choosing a granite headstone, but here we explore the top advantages:  


Thornhill Memorials Black Granite Headstone
Thornhill Memorials Black Granite Headstone

Granite is a uniquely durable stone that can last for hundreds of years. It can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as extreme temperatures, and will still retain its beauty throughout. True granite is more resistant to chipping and scratching than other natural stones, and will resist the general recolouring that other stones often experience. Its durability means a granite headstone will remain as attractive as the day it is fitted.


Thornhill Memorials Blue Pearl Granite Headstone
Thornhill Memorials Emerald Pearl Granite Headstone

Granite is a notably attractive stone that comes in a range of natural colours. It usually contains specks of colour depending on the minerals present, including blue, gold, green and grey. These natural minerals mean that no two granites will ever be the same, ensuring that each memorial is completely unique. Granite looks as beautiful with a polished glossy finish as it does with a classic matt finish, and will retain its appearance for decades.



Thornhill Memorials Blue Pearl Granite Oval Headstone
Thornhill Memorials Black Granite Book Memorial

This highly versatile stone has a unique composition that means while it is incredibly durable against the elements, it can be easily carved, engraved, or etched into almost any design. Granite has a much wider scope for flexibility than many other stones, ensuring that your perfect design can be achieved.



Thornhill Memorials Black Granite Rustic Edge
Thornhill Memorials Blue Pearl Granite Rustic Edges

Although granite is an incredibly durable and attractive stone, it is relatively low-cost compared to other natural materials. Granite is found commonly across the world, which means that it is not as highly priced as other, harder to source stones. Granite is also much more cost effective than other materials as it generally requires much less maintenance and will last longer.


Here at Thornhill Memorials, we have a large selection of quality granite headstones available for use in cemeteries in Cardiff and South Wales. We have expert knowledge of local burial sites and can offer advice and guidance in finding the perfect granite memorial for your loved one.  

Contact us today or pop into our Cardiff headstone showroom for more information.  



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