Dark Grey Granite Memorial with Two Hand-Carved Angels and Scroll

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Presenting an exquisite memorial crafted from honed dark grey granite, a canvas graced by the intricate presence of two hand-carved angels intertwined with a scroll. This poignant tribute stands as an epitome of durability, a steadfast promise to endure the relentless march of time.

Embraced within the cost of this memorial, the choreography of installation is orchestrated by our adept memorial masons. Within their realm, the symphony extends to encompass not only the intricate foundations but also the anchoring system, all seamlessly woven into the offering, spared from additional charges. The canvas of personalisation unfurls, granting room for an inscription, an expression that can flourish across a canvas of up to 100 letters, an expanse available without further financial ado. For narratives yearning for more extensive expositions, the passage remains open, with a nominal fee per extra letter.

As curiosity beckons and the quest for understanding deepens, we extend an invitation to employ the 'enquire' button for a direct conversation or to embark on a journey to our esteemed headstone showroom nestled in Cardiff. Guided by a shared commitment to the essence of remembrance, we stand prepared to guide you in etching a tribute that resonates with the spirit of your intentions.


27” x 21″ x 3″

Base Dimensions

3” x 24” x 12″

Price Includes

  • Dark Grey Granite Memorial with Two Hand-Carved Angels and Scroll
  • VAT (at current rate)
  • Memorials as shown
  • Free inscription of first 100 letters
  • Foundations and ground anchor system
  • Memorial installation
  • 30 year guarantee