Cornish-Style Grey Granite Boulder Style Memorial

Embarking on the path to honor a departed loved one finds its embodiment in this distinctive headstone, an embodiment meticulously hewn from robust Cornish-style grey granite, a testament to enduring legacy. Its allure is crowned by a natural pitched edge, a mark of authenticity, and enhanced by the presence of a memorial flower vase nestled within the base.

The narrative of installation is embraced by our skilled memorial masons, entrusted with the task of seamless integration. This comprehensive process extends its reach to encompass essential foundations and steadfast ground anchoring systems, all enfolded within the embrace of the cost. The realm of personalisation flourishes with an inscription allowance extending to 50 letters, an offering granted without extra charges. For messages desiring to traverse more extensive paths, a modest fee per additional letter is introduced.

To traverse deeper into the essence of this memorial, we extend an invitation to employ the "enquire" button for direct dialogue or consider venturing into our memorial showroom nestled in Cardiff. In this journey of tribute, we stand as steadfast companions, ready to assist you in shaping a memorial that captures the essence of your loved one's legacy with unwavering elegance.


27” x 21″ x 5/3″

Base Dimensions

4” x 24” x 12″

Price Includes

  • Cornish-Style Grey Granite Boulder Style Memorial
  • VAT (at current rate)
  • Memorials as shown
  • Free inscription of first 50 letters
  • Foundations and ground anchor system
  • Memorial installation
  • 30 year guarantee