Ceramic Photo Plaques & Frames


Explore our exquisite collection of Long Life Porcelain ceramic photographs, meticulously crafted to endure the trials of time. These photographs find their home within your selection of either Bronze or chrome decorative frames, each presenting a range of elegant styles. They stand as the ideal complement to any memorial, infusing an air of grace and remembrance.

Discover the unmatched caliber and resilience of our Long Life Porcelain ceramic photographs, meticulously designed to safeguard your treasured memories for years unending. The frames, available in both Bronze and chrome options, showcase intricate detailing and sophisticated aesthetics, providing an array of styles tailored to your preferences.

Elevate your memorial with these exceptional porcelain photographs, thoughtfully encased in the frame of your choosing. Each image serves as an ageless homage to your cherished one, capturing their essence and safeguarding their legacy for generations to come.


Long Life Porcelain Ceramic Photos

PL 01 Bronze 5" Oval

PL 02 Bronze 4" Oval

PL 03 Bronze 4" Round

PL 04 Bronze 5" Oval – With Flower

PL 05 Bronze 5" Oval – With Twin Roses

PL 06 Bronze 5" Oval – With Small Rose

PL 07 Bronze 5" Rectangular – With Single Rose

PL 08 Bronze 5" Oval – With Large Rose

PL 09 Chrome 5" Oval – STANDARD (4" & 5" available)

PL 10 Chrome 5" Oval – Cross & Ivy Leaves (4" & 5" available)

PL 11 Bronze 5" Oval – Cross & Ivy Leaves (4" & 5" available)

PL 12 Bronze 5" Oval – Laurel Leaves (4" & 5" available)

PL 13 Bronze 4" Oval – With Fluting (4" & 5" available)