Tropical Green Granite with Maroon Vein

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Contemplate this Tropical Green Granite headstone, embellished with a maroon vein, as an impeccable tribute to your departed loved one. Expertly hewn from robust granite, this headstone stands as a testament to longevity and comes complete with twin memorial flower vases.

Our adept stone masons will oversee the headstone's installation, orchestrating all indispensable foundations and a steadfast ground anchor system, all harmoniously included in the cost. The headstone offers a canvas for personalization with up to 100 letters of free engraving, with a nominal surcharge for any supplementary letters. Adding to its appeal, the price encompasses a 30-year guarantee.

To unravel more about the nuances of this headstone, kindly engage by clicking the "enquire" button or contemplate a visit to our esteemed headstone showrooms situated in Cardiff. Let us guide you in exploring a tribute that resonates and pays homage to your beloved's memory.


30” x 28″ x 4″

Base Dimensions

4” x 30” x 12″

Price Includes

  • Tropical Green Granite with Maroon Vein
  • VAT (at current rate)
  • Memorials as shown
  • Free inscription of first 100 letters
  • Foundations and ground anchor system
  • Memorial installation
  • 30 year guarantee